Portrait / Documentary Series

The Jazz of Life

at A-Trane Berlin

All great jazz musicians share the understanding that jazz is intimately connected to the present moment. The improvised parts in particular have the power to melt time into a single experience. 

My work explores this elusive underlying quality in the context of live music. It raises the question of how we can enter into a state of surrender, become more fearless and vulnerable. 

These subtle traits in musicians are largely unknown to the audience, but at the heart of the risk a musician takes with every note playing. 

My photo essay accompanies my wife and her band at various concerts at jazzclub A-Trane in Berlin. The images provide an intimate look at the musicians and their relationship to jazz as a way of life.

Musicians in order of appearance: Jan von Klewitz, Maria Baptist, Heinz Lichius, Fabian Timm, Richard Maegraith

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